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About this Project

A site-specific dance art project, This Body With                  explores relational duets with the material and living landscape around the Kruununvuorenranta construction sites on the island Laajasalo, Helsinki. Weaving together bodily practices in dream recording, stravaiging, movement improvisation and writing, intuition leads the research in what arises in between this body and the sensed environment. It is an inquiry of the body in relation to boundaries, geography; the memory, and disembodiment of land. 

The project is also a blessing; a ritual, an archive - of the embodied places in-process and encounters within them, amidst the rapid changes, felt across insecure boundaries and their fluid nature. 

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland 2020

Theoretical Material

Longhurst, R. (2001). Bodies: Exploring Fluid Boundaries, Routledge, London

Magnason, A. S. (2020). On Time and Water, Serpents Tail, Great Britain

Manning, W. (2013). Always More Than One: Individuation's Dance, Duke University Press, Durham and London

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