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F r a g m e n t s

The tripod and camera become the distance between this body and the maker. This body and the land. This body and the workers. This body and the machines digging and building. My gear becomes the safety uniform that I too, am working here alongside the construction workers. An alibi. We're now co-existing, sharing the land that is being worked upon. I'm not actually here to judge, to grieve or to overcome, or even accept. Just to listen. Observe. Experience this Body in relation to this particular place and land. 

Falling through cracks and fragments of different time.

Stacking the granite rock.

Feeling weight and purpose.

Feeling sadness with loss.


  1. Choose a spot, a place to stand.

  2. Open the senses.

  3. Do the 'small dance':- between earth and sky, drop the weight, release all muscles of the body, relax, breathe, fill up the lungs, massage the heart. 


  1. Stack some fragmented granite rock vertically.

  2. Balance.


  1. Lie on the rocks.

  2. Let the body parts fall through the cracks.

  3. Be "soft as rock". 

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