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exceptionally in Pernaja by the seawater at sunset

B l o o d  L i g h t 

Body of water, body of mine. A red release at the crow's call from round horizon within. Beyond reach, yet we reach into one another. Deep, vast intimacy within our fluid movements. My gushing, flowing, streaming liquids reflecting in your reflection. The golden sun setting into the land. The bay of seawater drinking the pink light, here, drink mine too. Pink sky blue above, judgment is gone and I unfold. Dancing happens between us and the reeds join in.

My body, this body opens up into multiplicity touching each other. Always more than one within. Invited apart by all the others the mind holds us in. The compression inside my lower back telling the world exactly what's happening.

T H I S   I S   H A P P E N I N G ! It feels these menstrual times unleash inner experiences that demand a language of its own.

I fumble to make sense in English words and find what relates to the body has the most weight.

Most weighted is in moving, inviting the pathways that want to be carved and need to be heard.

Oh, the softness in direct wanting and giving. Yielding to powerful forces within.

Magic orange sky. Pieces of bark singing. Mushy mushrooms feeding. This body sees and allows to be seen.

The blood connects it all and is welcome, like the burning sun lighting us up.

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