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R a i n 
A   D R E A M

Climbing an adventure course harness-free into the sky

Passing through a building of familiar faces

Crumbling building sitting in the rubble

A little boy from landfill city steps and falls through

Into a deep pit of broken glass

He emerges as a bird

Flapping his glass-matted feather wings

Freeing himself


I keep thinking about him, the bird. Where is he now?

The landfill city. Dystopian. Maybe that was Kruuninvuorenranta in the far future. We are building it up now, for it one day to be done over by nature again. 


I cycled past a grey rock covered in green moss and felt its presence. One day a piece of this new building will be

broken off strewn about,  moss growing all over it too. 

Misty city beyond the seawater. Empty land beyond the wire fence. I stand here between looking at the giant crane lit up. 

Few silhouetted trees. The rain is falling down on us all.

My red jacket is soaked through. 

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