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F a l l e n   T h i n g  II 

between fallen and standing, this body suspends a bit, before piercing into the other side. A fresh tar sealed square frames this dance between cold air, this body, and what feels like a death valley. A dark flattened square, and a precarious heap of blasted granite just next to it. My soles depart the even terrain to meet the heap and its sturdy wobbles. A large, coal and marble coloured rock piece enters the gaze and draws this body - bones fold onto it, flesh sucks onto and admires this deep-time pattern. Animal-mineral, I'm somewhere in the air. Thoughts come outside in as I'm taught by this assemblage. A call for instant composition.


  1. Touch with your bare hands, different textures of earth/ground. 

  2. Allow the earth into full gaze and body awareness.

  3. Notice your senses & moving thoughts. 

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