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F a l l e n   T h i n g  III

A   D R E A M

I am riding on a double-decker bus.

I see out of the window what I recognise as the
O L D E S T  
living tree in Finland.

It's an enormous old birch tree.

Shed bark is leaning up around it, like shells.

A wooden structure surrounds it to protect it like a shrine.  

I wanted to be up close with this being.

The pull to get off the bus and dump my luggage is like an ocean current.

I go to the tree.

Later in the dream Biden steps down from his elected presidency 

to make way for Kamala Harris to step in to be the next president of the USA. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Today I'm pulled to visit the old-growth tree on the way to the construction site, but I stumble across the old oak tree that - to my surprise - had now fallen.

It had been leaning all summer and it was time to finally let go all together in the autumn.

Time to fall. 


Standing opposite, I notice a tree I had never seen before until now. Funny what you miss in your "backyard",

Aino Ackten park.

A tree with a huge opening in its trunk.

A womb tree.

Thank you to Gesa Piper for her support and contribution to this movement practice and video.

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